Written in the Wind…

Written in the wind directed by Douglas Sirk is a melodrama .. so was not very excited to see this film. Melodramas are not my type of movies that I would just want to watch but it never hurts to give films a try.

The film revolved around a brother(Kyle) and sister(Marylee) . She was an alcoholic as was he, they were the kids of a wealthy oil baron by the name of Jasper Hadley. I was actually happy that we were watching this movie in color! The outfits that Marylee wore were all very colorfull so it was nice to see them haha.  Both of his kids have relationship problems and appear to be extremely spoiled by their wealth. Kyle gets married but after he is unsuccessful with fathering a child to his wife he goes back to drinking. Then Kyles childhood friend named Mitch Wayne who is Marylee’s infatuation , Kyle starts to turn against him.

Mitch is in love with Lucy which was Kyles wife, he does not reveal these feelings he has to Kyle. After Lucy announces she is pregnant Kyle physically assaulted her because he was diagnosed with a low sperm count and he suspect’s that Mitch had an affair. But because of the assault she looses the baby . Kyle starts to drink and returns , he has a gun which he plans to shoot Mitch with , Marylee struggles to get it away from him and ends up killing her brother. She plannes to blame Mitch for the killing but at the last minute decides to confess.

The movie was just ok to me. The movie was based on a real life scandal of a singer and her husband , who were the hairs to a tobacco company. It was hard to believe that this much drama can happen in someones life. The movie seemed a bit over exaggerated and just filled with non stop drama. The music in the film was ok , it was a little loud at some points. The characters were good and the actors did a good job as well, I liked the character of Kyle the most, i just thought he did a great job , acting wise.

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December 16, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Response to “Written in the Wind…”

  1.   Denisha Bayley Says:

    I understand where your coming from about melodramas not being your thing. I’d rather a comedy or thriller any day but I did kinda like this movie. Not because the story was amazing or that I really felt for the characters or anything like that, its because it was so overdramatic that it was actually funny. Especially Marylee, she was just so over the top. The scene with her spastically dancing as her father is dying was just hilarious.

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