The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers…

Ok me being a huge horror fan I have to say I was kind of excited what that era of film had to offer! I have seen many horror films and people always mention that the classics were one of the best kind of films. But even before the movie started we were informed that the effects were going to be some sort of bubbles , then I started to have doubts to whether this movie was even going to be remotely scary or creepy. The story of this film mostly revolved around a doctor and his girlfriend, and them having to escape these pods and trying not to become one of them.

The film started of normal it took place in a town called Santa Mira in California. A Doctor named Miles Bennell ( played by Kevin McCarthy) was receiving complaints from a number of people that their loved ones were not themselves , as if someone has invaded their bodies and they could not point out what was the difference but they just sensed it. This kind of reminded me of the movie The Crazies , from what i remember there was a patient that was brought in by his wife because he was not acting right , he wasn’t acting like himself , yet he was himself. The music in this film was rather eerie I liked it I feel like it gave it a more creepy feel which is always good in a horror flick !

The movie centered around this whole idea of people being hatched in these giant pods , the would be replaced by perfect physical copies in their sleep. They would wake up as themselves physically but with changed personalities. This was what the doctor and his girlfriend were trying to escape, if they would fall asleep they would wake up as these pod people so that’s what they were trying to avoid. There was a message the movie was trying to send which was  paranoia toward the spread of a harmful ideology such as socialistic Communism. I did not get that at all as I first watched it but as I read more about the film I saw where this message was given. I found the scene where all the town people just froze and started walking like zombies in the middle of the town pretty creepy. Probably my favorite scene ! The music also made it even more eerie.

The doctor and his gf managed to escape the people who wanted to convince them to join the rest of these pod people. But not having slept for days his gf fell asleep for a moment and woke up changed. He managed to escape her and ran onto the highway screaming “they’re here ! you’re next!” . The doctor is held by the police and questioned by some men , quickly after as he is describing what he saw with the pod people they get an accident call , a huge truck was crashed which was carrying all these pods. The men were not believing anything he was saying but as soon as they get they got that call about the crashed truck their expressions changed they both looked at each other in surprise , because they thought the doctor was simply crazy.

I really enjoyed the film, for a black and white horror movie it was not too bad! the low budged effects were a little cheesy but overall a good film. The actors i thought did a great job , the main role of the doctor was a good pick I thought he portrayed it very well.

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One Response to “The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers…”

  1.   Jeen Kim Says:

    I too felt the same way about whether or not this movie would be scary or not, it being “old”. But after watching it I realized the point wasn’t to frighten at all, it was to instill paranoia and this feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder. In this sense, this horror film accomplished its job 100 percent.

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