Having always heard about this film and how it was so amazing I was pretty excited to watch it! And again the fact that it was in the Horror genre was another plus. This movie always received praise and good reviews  and the director of the film is a great one!

The movie centered around a woman who needed money to marry her lover whose name was Sam, she steals $40,000 dollars and flees in her car. Her name was Marion and she was a secretary, she trades in her car as a result of paranoia of being caught, she then comes across the  Bates Motel and decides to spend the night , she does not want to be driving in the rain. The owners name is Norman Bates , he welcomes her and lets her know he is living with his mother in a house that is nearby the hotel. You can see from the beginning that he  is infatuated with her when he invites her to have dinner. He even watches her change which is just plain creepy. He did seemed like a normal guy at first nothing out of the ordinary, its kind of creepy to see that even the crazy , and evil people can look so normal and people would never guess that they could be a killer.

Marion decided what she did stealing the money was bad and decides she will return it .Then that most famous killing scene occurred where Marion was showering before someone showed up in the bathroom and stabbed her to death. The stabbing scene was not that scary just a lot of screaming. After he finds her dead he assumes his mother committed the murder. The music did intensify the scene though ! Afterwards there is an extreme close up to here eye as it pans out and we see her lying down in the bathtub.

There were signs that Norman had these killer tenancy’s , they weren’t obvious though. You could see that he had some facial tics and half-swallowed words, he also had a hobby of  taxidermy which is the act of mounting or reproducing dead animals for display, in his case birds. That part was pretty eerie as we were shown these birds, we see the ravens and the owls.

After the death of Marion her lover and sister go to this hotel and see the truth. There was no mother all along the owner Norman had a split personality disorder, he even dressed up as his mother. The film ends as we see Norman sitting in a cell but he is dominated by his moms personality.

The movie was a good one not a personal favorite. The stabbing scene was so unrealistic but 1960’s so I didn’t expect anything amazing. overall not bad the character of Norman was well played , not a lot of actors can pull of that kind of role and he did it very well.

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