M (1931) has to be the first black and white movie I have watched in … well ever. Honestly I was not very excited to watch this movie since it was in another language but obviously had no choice. A movie really has to grab a person’s attention and I guess for me it did not do that as much as i would of liked it to. Not saying this movie was bad at all!  it did offer some good qualities such as the thrill and  suspense also some occasional humor. It had its good moments and the ending really pulled it all together.

Started off fairly slow with some of the neighborhood kids singing inappropriate rhymes about a child murderer. Then continued to a mother waiting for her child to come home for dinner.  The child never returns home as a man lures her with a balloon which he buys from a blind man. We soon find out that she has murdered. I have to say that the shot of the mother calling out for her daughter not knowing what has happened to her was very moving. There after we see a shot of the balloon just floating away which was pretty eerie since we know what happens without even having to see it. Definitely thought that was very well directed.

The search for the murderer continues as they try to use fingerprints and handwriting analysis to find the him. But as this is happening an underground meeting of bosses takes place where they decide they want to take the killer down themselves. This creates a kid of race between the cops and these criminals on who can catch this killer first. I think the scene of the criminals discussing everything sort of dragged on but than after this we actually see the killer whose name is Mr. Beckert ( which i have to say the actor playing this did a very good job on portraying such an evil role of a child murderer) befriending a young girl and taking her to the same blind man, but he makes a mistake when he whistles the same tune he did with the first girl. The sound of that whistle was definitely emphasized in this movie. The blind man immediately takes notice to this and yells out for help. Since the criminals enlisted the help of the city’s beggars one of the men hears this and marks the killer with an M ( standing for murderer) that he drew on with chalk on his hand but then transferred it onto his coat. So its now apparent what the movie title stands for.

The killer soon realizes he is being followed and tires to hide in an office building nearby. The men soon search the building and catch him. They bring him into a room full of people. Seeing all the people defiantly was a shock, the whole room was silent and it was just an overall intense scene!. The killer is given a sort of lawyer to make his case but all he tells them is that there were voices in his head that were making him commit these crimes. As he was giving this speech I felt kind of sorry for him but then at the same time he did kill innocent children so it gave me mixed feelings.  The person judging decides he wants to kill Mr. Beckert anyway but before he gets to it the police arrive just in time.

I feel the ending was the most powerful scene as it shows the mother of one of the children telling the courtroom that no sentence can bring back her child. She also warns everyone to keep a closer look over their kids. Which is good advice!!!

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